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Marvelous Making Ideas

We have myriad making ideas scattered around the Scrapstore...from examples displayed to worksheets for you to photocopy to demos run at the store to special show and tell events...

During January, we were delighted to host a group of EYFS teachers from the Brixton Learning Collaborative group of schools. They were thrilled to see all of the examples of lovely making ideas that we displayed for them...and took lots of photos so they could go away and make the stuff with their class-children.

In December 2018 we ran Christmas decorations and gift box making at the Scrapstore. It was great to see lots of friends taking advantage of these events.

So don't get stuck for creative ideas. Ask us to show you examples and if you want a special event for your group - pop in and have a demo or take a special look at our examples we store in our resources room,- please ask!

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