Big hand and foot printing...

photo 2.JPG
Look at the fantastic art work you can make with hands and feet, the back of a tatty old end of roll of wallpaper, some old trays and paint.

One of our family members made some wonderful artwork in the garden with their grandma during their summer holidays

This is what the children aged 7 and 9 say:

photo 4.JPG

First we rolled out the wallpaper and made it stay on the grass by holding it down with some big stones. We squished our feet first and then our hands in different colours of paint, one after the other and stamped and printed them on the paper.

You have to make sure you have a bucket of water to wash your hands and feet when you have finished with each paint colour otherwise all the paints end up looking the colour of mud. Make sure you cover most of the paper with your prints, it looks better when there isn't much plain background left.

photo 3.JPG