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Make your own Matisse

Work and Play Scrapstore recently visited the now closed Matisse cut out exhibition at the Tate Modern

The pictures were amazing - so lively - and inspired us to think about how to use the cut out technique to make some junk collages...

In Matisse fashion, we have precision cut, rough cut and ripped various discarded paper and materials to make Matisse-like creations, taking inspiration from his abstract shapes and vibrant colours.

This under-the-sea scape is made by our 7-year-old friend and he used scraps of tissue and paper from our box of leftovers.


The other creations were made by older friends and are particularly influenced by Matisse's algae shapes which appear frequently in his cut-out works.


The Scrapstore really got going with these, finding all sorts of different waste materials to cut out: newspaper, foil, magazines, tickets, receipts, sweet and chocolate wrappers (with a nod to Kurt Schwitters with some of these materials).


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