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London Sustainability Exchange

The Scrapstore was lucky enough to visit City Hall on 27th November and to join a debate about improving London's sustainability with the London Sustainability Exchange and a large group of green thinkers and workers, environmental innovators, social entrepreneurs and economists.

The brief was to discuss some of the challenges the capital will face over the coming decades and how this could be supported by a circular economy leading to more sustainable lifestyles for Londoners. The driver for this debate was the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson's invitation for views about improving our capital's infrastructure

LSE 1.jpg

Much debate was had about what a circular economy could look like, the practicalities of this and the consequences for every-day life, consumer demand our infrastructure and logistics. We enjoyed the lively debate and tried to recruit people in to give us more of their clean junk - but we were preaching to the converted at this event!

Our conclusions were that there really are no concrete answers - the future is uncertain. However, it was clear that we need to work together with other like-minded organisations to lobby politicians, businesses and other influential sources if we are to change for the better. See some of the great posters produced by consolidating lots of the good ideas.

LSE 3.jpg

We thoroughly enjoyed the views from City Hall and the architecture of the building itself! Thanks LSx for inviting us!

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