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Meet WAPS new in-house artist!

One of the best things about being involved with Work and Play Scrapstore is seeing the amazing artwork that can be created with just about anything you have to hand, so we are thrilled to announce that Work and Play Scrapstore now has its very own in-house artist!

Jayson Singh studied for his fine art degree at Central Saint Martin’s and now continues to make paintings at his studio based in Battersea.

In his recent work to date, he has been researching his family heritage by making trips to both North India and Malaysia. On this artistic “pilgrimage”, he takes photographs, video, makes drawings, notes and watercolours in situ, in order to retreat back to his home studio and reflect his experiences in oil on canvas.

We asked Jayson how he was enjoying being at the Scrapstore.

"So far, I’ve been volunteering at the Scrapstore for 3 months and I’m finding it an inspiring environment.

"My plan is to design and eventually run some artistic workshops/demonstrations. For an artist who specialises in making oil paintings, I view workshops as a window into art making and an opportunity for me to engage more directly with an audience. I guess it’s like making a live painting, where the participants gain a greater understanding of art through actually doing it rather than just admiring the end result in a gallery.”

During Wandsworth Fringe (1 - 17 May) the Scrapstore is proud to be the venue for Jayson's show of oil paintings, The Things I'd Do With Six Hands. Jayson will also be running workshops based on Rangoli designs on selected days, so do please come down and get involved!

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