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Supplies Wanted!

As you know, at WAP we are always seeking new and different supplies.

We have been so lucky over the past couple of months to receive an amazing aray of donations including knobs from Sass and Belle and bodywarmers from the Science Museum.

However, we are also keen to encourage our friends and volunteers to donate to us too, if they have the right sort of materials...

Please have a think about what you could give to us... Lots of really interesting stuff comes from clean domestic recycling.

Can you give us: leftover arts supplies, wool, buttons, corks, polystyrene packaging, bottle tops (washed please!), cardboard inner tubes (not loo rolls), clean egg boxes, empty match boxes etc?

Have a look on Wandsworths A-Z of Recyling link for details about what we are seeking - thanks Wandsworth Council for including us in this!

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