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Work and Play goes to Glastonbury!

The Scrapstore had a blast at Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts last week. We saw some of our favourite bands and really got into the underlying Glastonbury vibe of being green: there is no backup planet! Serious green messages were everywhere - from big ones about being cleaner, greener and safer from Greenpeace, Water Aid and Oxfam to smaller ideas about re-use for art and environmental benefit, recycling, permaculture, sustainability, living roofs, saving the bees, giving blood, and the list goes on...

In our opinion, the bet spot in the festival was the Green Futures field where there were lots of inspiring ideas about cleaning up our act.

Our favourite ideas in here were: Legs4Africa - a great organisation sending to Africa to be re-used prosthetic legs discarded by the health service; Wrecks Collective Emporium of Visual Delights - re-use sculpture and working models including a fortune-teller who told us we were going to have an affluent future; the Green Futures Re-Cycling Centre - a wonderfully organised recycling sorting facility with the mantra: if it can't be re-used or recycled, it shouldn't be in production!

We also loved the Green Crafts (wittled a walking stick and made a dreamcatcher), the Green Kids field run by Greenpeace (loads of crafty activites, story-telling and a giant pirate ship climbing-frame) and the solar-powered Croissant Neuf stage.

We met a lovely folk band here, 'The Portraits' who are raising awareness about donating bone marrow to save lives.

We were struck by the quantity of artistic ideas for re-use all around the festival. From fridge-sculptures of an iceberg to bottle top flowers to an inflatable rubbish-pile-monster, the stuff was inspiring! See the photos to judge for yourself.

So our advice is go to Glastonbury if you can get a ticket and yes listen to the music but go and open your mind to the re-use, recycle and sustainability ideas too.

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