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WAPS' Grand Day Out at Sunnyhill Primary School

We've had a very busy week here at the Scrapstore, and it started off in the best possible way, with our own Susan and Teresa being invited to local primary school Sunnyhill to see what the kids had made with Work and Play Materials. As you can see from Teresa's comments below, they definitely weren't disappointed with what they found!

We were shown round by Cathy McDonald, who is responsible for Family Learning Support, and Deputy Head Nicola Condron. Not only does Cathy work with sewing classes two days a week for the children, but also runs courses during the day with the parents. The floral wall hanging pictured was a collaboration between the parents and children in the sewing classes, with most of the fabric from Work and Play.

Cathy has a dedicated Art Studio to work in, a big bright room with large cupboards and display space. On the wall was this fabric collage which was the work of 3 classes as they researched and studied the Rain Forest as part of the curriculum, again made with fabrics from Work and Play. As you can see it really was exciting and I love the individual characters of the birds.

The 10-11 year olds had just staged an end of term production of Grease. (I would have loved to have seen that!). The fabric for the flag was dyed, designed and made by the kids from Scrapstore fabric as part of the stage set, and looks amazing.

This Tin Man was made by 7 year olds out of tiny scraps of fabric we had donated to us. Isn't it super? It was pointed out that they also learnt the practical skill of how to sew on a button!

Both Cathy and Nicola said that their projects would be seriously reduced in quantity and quality without their membership and the existence of W&P. They just could not afford to produce the same work if they had to buy at retail prices.

Thank you so much to Cathy and Nicola, and all at Sunnyhill, for the chance to visit. It was fantastic to see what amazing things can be done with our donated materials! You can see more pictures from our visit on our Facebook page.

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