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Teamworking Conveyor

We're so proud of our latest Jayson Singh masterpiece outside the Scrapstore! In the autumn, Jayson completed his hard work to make another mural as a landmark so we can be seen from the Smallwood Road side of Hazelhurst Estate. His new piece is called 'Teamworking Conveyor' and reflects the spirit of the Scrapstore volunteers and local residents: working together to keep our lovely little charity going like cogs in a machine.

Jayson has continued the colour theme through from his mural on the other side of the walkway and his 'Lilies Speak Volumes' community murals on the pillars underneath Hayesend House Tower which include contributions from over 100 different local residents and Scrapstore members, friends and volunteers.

Jayson has transformed a horrid concrete-ridden corridor into a vibrant urban space! ...Look at the before picture...How much better does it look now?!

We would like to say thank you to Jayson for his vision and creativity and to the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund for sponsoring this activity.

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